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I guess it REALLY is a small world after all

I’m sure most of you are aware of the vast esoteric root system the Disney corporation has deeply embedded in our American society, but are you aware of how Disney is being used to further indoctrinate and poison the minds of innocent children in other countries? While randomly ‘googling’ through Youtube the other day, I came across this very educational video. Mind you, I am not using the word ‘educational’ loosely or sarcastically, but by its definition. The following video is from Tomorrow’s Pioneers . It is a weekly Palestinian children’s program on the official Hamas television station, Al-Aqsa TV. The show deals with Islamist traditions and lifestyles; some as innocuous as the importance of daily prayers and drinking milk to, according to the Palestinian Media Watch, more radical messages of indoctrinating the young viewers with teachings of Islamic supremacy, hatred of Israel and the United States, and support of ‘resistance’.

I’m not going to even attempt to dissect and and decipher the Muslim idealism in this clip, but would like to bring to your attention some of the key words or phrases which have been brought up.

Notice how the very first thing ‘Mickey’ says:


Let’s start by defining what a ‘CORNERSTONE‘ is. I’m sure it’s self explanitory, but just endulge me a little.

CORNERSTONE – vital person or thing: somebody or something fundamentally important

Ok, with that in our back pocket, we can understand the very first line from this clip to be saying:

“We are setting with you somebody or something fundamentally important for world leadership under Islamic leadership.”

Now, with that in mind, let’s break down the word FUNDAMENTAL(LY).

FUNDAMENTAL – relating to or affecting the underlying principles or structure of something

You know the drill!

We are setting with you somebody or something relating to or affecting the underlying principles or structure of something important for world leadership under Islamic leadership.

I know this could be taken as something being ‘read into’, but as you can see, we didn’t read into anything, merely broke down exactly what was being said for clarification. See how much information we gained from having a better understanding of just one word? And this is just the first sentence from the clip!

And with that, we move on.

Now, let’s look at something else interesting ‘Mickey’ says.

“We will win Bush! We will win, Sharon! Ah, Sharon’s dead. We will win Mofaz! Mofaz left. We will win, Olmert! We will win! We will win, Condoleeza! “

Keep in mind, this video aired 2007, which is why Bush is being mentioned.

I had to check out exactly who ‘Mickey’ was speaking in regards to, and here is the listing:

George W. Bush, 43rd U.S. President

Ariel Sharon, 11th Prime Minister of Israel

Shaul Mofaz, an Israeli politician and former soldier who currently serves as a member of the Knesset for Kadima


Ehud Olmert, 12th Prime Minister of Israel


Condoleezza Rice, 66th United States Secretary of State

As you can see, these are some pretty important people ‘Mickey’ is going off about. Keep in mind, this was filmed in 2007, which is why they are the focal point of this rant. And let’s not forget this is a CHILDREN’S SHOW!!!!! This wasn’t something from CNN or FOXNews, it was created and geared at children. Even though we know the Disney Co. is the ultimate MK training camp, surely they would have had a ton to say about their likeness being used to warp innocent minds.

The Disney corporation initially had no public statement on the use of Mickey Mouse’s image in the Farfour character; Disney CEO Robert Iger later said, “We were appalled by the use of our character to disseminate that kind of message.” He explained the initial quiet by saying, “I just didn’t think it would have any effect… I think it should have been obvious how the company felt about the subject.”

Ha ha ha, really?! You didn’t think it would have any effect, Mr. Iger? It seems to have been doing just fine for you in the past.





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How do you find something you already had?!

I’m sure you’re wondering why I have the life cycle of the HIV virus. Well, for most of us, this subject is either considered ‘taboo’, or choose to just be grateful we don’t have it and put it out of our minds, therefore we aren’t truly educated on the subject. I myself tend to find myself apart of the ‘grateful’ crew, but am striving to become more educated.

To anyone who thinks the government is responsible for the HIV/AIDS epidemic, I agree with you 100%. It’s a mass genocide technique ‘they’ have been perfecting for years. Along with all the fatty foods they are trying to kill us off with. Oh and don’t forget the H1N1/Flu shots. Ever notice how sick you get after you’ve had your shots?! Hmmm…

Anyway, other than the grans scheme of mass genocide and depopulization, the more intriguing and tempting reason for them spreading this disease is, of course, MONEY! How are these diseases profitable? The medicine. Lets take a look at what my Blog Bro, Verbs had to say on this subject:

The cure for HIV/AIDS is not to take the drugs that are prescribed to you after you have been diagnosed with the virus. The drugs are what suppress and destroy the immune system and thus bacteria and viruses that would normally be a walk in the park for your body to deal with have now become killers and easily overwhelm a body with a battered immune system.

You see, when you go for a HIV test, you are tested for HIV ANTIBODIES, not the virus itself. So if you test positive, you should walk out of the clinic smiling……but why? Your body has produced the antibodies that will deal with and kill the HIV virus, thus you are cured. Go home and have a good night’s sleep. If from here you wish to accelerate the eradication of HIV from your body then you simply need to eat well(preferably organic) and get yourself some good supplements. The HIV will be gone with 3-6 months.

HIV is a harmless virus to the human immune system(yes you read that sentence correctly), however when you weaken and suppress the immune system with DRUGS AND VACCINES or have poor nutrition, then the virus can be very deadly. We’ve been lied to yet again on this issue. HIV does not lead to AIDS, the drugs that you are given to deal with HIV causes AIDS.

Remember that HIV is simply a description of the efficiency of your immune system coupled with a harmless virus. AIDS is simply another description of your immune system in a non functional state after it has been battered with all sorts of drugs. Haven’t you ever noticed that nobody has ever died from AIDS itself, they have always passed away from an “AIDS related illness”, normally pneumonia is the common culprit.

I encourage folks here to watch the documentary “HIV=AIDS, Fact Or Fraud”. It can be found on googlevideo or youtube. After you have watched that documentary, you will never fear HIV again.

And that was only a comment he left on my Blog Big Sis post regarding the H1N1 Vaccine. A definite MUST READ ;)

Now, with that in mind, I’ll bring you to the point of today’s post. While browsing around the internet today, I came across a post stating there is possibly a cure for HIV/AIDS with Stem Cell Transplant. In case you’ve been in the same cave as Osama Bin Laden, I’ll remind you of who was a major supporter of stem cell research:

**UPDATE** Thank you, LEN, for catching such a major blog faux pas!!!!!

Read all about it here.


Here are a few excerpts from the post:

Timothy Ray Brown, an HIV-positive American living in Germany, had leukemia and was undergoing chemotherapy, when he received a transplant of stem cells from a donor carrying a rare, inherited gene mutation that seems to make carriers virtually immune to HIV infection…

…The transplant appeared to wipe out both diseases, giving hope to doctors, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who has been studying HIV/AIDS for almost 30 years, said while this is an interesting proof of concept, it’s absurdly impractical…

…“It’s hard enough to get a good compatible match for a transplant like this,” Fauci told, “But you also have to find compatible donor that has this genetic defect, and this defect is only found in 1 percent of the Caucasian population and zero percent of the black population. This is very rare.”…

…Fauci said while this patient is “functionally cured” this is not something you can do with every HIV-infected individual…

…“This patient is trading one poison for another. He may not have to be on antiretroviral drugs anymore, but he has to take immunosuppressant drugs now to prevent the rejection of his transplant cells. Again, what this is, is an interesting proof of concept, but it’s absolutely impractical.”…

It’s interesting to me how this so-called ‘cure’ was found in Germany. Those Germans sure do seem to know an awful lot about research. But, why did they choose to do this experiment on an American instead of one of their own countrymen? And how convenient for them that this rare ‘defect’ as they call it is found in such a small group of Caucasian, but not found at all in Blacks? Sounds like even the ‘cure’ is racist…unless you’re Magic Johnson or have a TON of cash.



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Michael Brea Slays Mother with Masonic Sword

I”m sure by now some of you have heard about struggling actor Michael Brea viciously murdered his own mother, Yannick Brea, November 23, 2010. Although the act in itself is heinous and crazy, the details of this should have had those who are ‘awake’ on the edge of their seat!!! I was planning on doing my own post on this topic, but while researching, I came across VISUP and read this extremely insiteful and detailed breakdown on the life of this young man and the events surrounding and leading up to his mother’s untimely murder. To save time, I’m jsut going to copy and paste it here, but please take the time whenever you want to view any updates or additional information on this subject on the site.

Loren Coleman’s Twilight Language blog as well as Vigilant Citizen have already tackled the bizarre account of a bit actor and low-level Freemason that murdered his own mother yesterday with a Masonic ceremonial sword, but I’ll try to add a bit here. But first, the incident:

“A hardworking Brooklyn mother was hacked to death early this morning allegedly by her sword-wielding, bit-actor son during a bizarre religious meltdown in which he screamed Bible passages and made obscure references to Freemasonry, police and witnesses said.

“Greg Clare, who lives downstairs from victim Yannick Brea, 55, shared with her son Michael Brea, a 31-year-old actor and low-level Freemason who had roles in ‘Ugly Betty’ and the movie ‘Step Up 3D,’ said he first heard screams about 1 a.m…

“Another neighbor said Brea kept calling for the ‘architect of the universe,’ a term used by Freemasons to refer to a supreme being. And a police source said the murder weapon was a three-foot ceremonial Masonic sword…”

Reports are also emerging that the victim could have been saved had the police acted sooner:

“Clare said the police kept asking him if he had a key to the Brea’s apartment, and eventually left to call for backup. When ESU arrived, they knocked down the door about 2:20 a.m. and found a gruesome scene, with Yannick kneeling in the bathroom with multiple stab wounds to her head.

“Yannick Brea’s family was furious with the police response.

” ‘When I heard what happened I went crazy,’ said Yannick’s sister Gina Bumond, a nurse who lives in Flatbush. ‘I heard police didn’t knock the door down. Are you serious? She could be alive today.’ “

Miss Brea also had a link to 9/11:

“She once worked at the Marriott at the World Trade Center but left after the hotel was destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, neighbors said.”

Most interesting to me, however, is that fact that the Brea family seems to originally be from Haiti, a country with a very rich and complex history of secret societies -more on that later.

For now, let us recap the various synchs this tragedy dealt:

*The assault began a little after one in the morning on the 23rd of November, the day after the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, which many have theorized was carried out as part of a Masonic conspiracy.
*23 is a significant number in the occult, and November 23rd is exactly a month before the end of the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia that ran from December 17th to the 23rd.
*The victim had worked in the Twin Towers, the destruction of which has also been suspected as Masonic (Illuminati, NWO) plot.
*The attack was characterized by blows to the victim’s head with a Masonic sword. Was Brea trying to behead his mother? Beheading is used in Masonic ritual murder and seems to be a meme the public is getting a lot of exposure to of late.
Finally, there’s the connection to Haiti, a nation whose modern history has largely been shaped by secret societies. Ethnobotanist Wade Davis in his classic The Serpent and the Rainbow (which is a serious study of the Haiti voodoo culture, unlike the self-same named Wes Craven film) describes these societies thus:

“There were, according to these informants, secret societies in all parts of the country, and each maintained control of a specified territory…. Membership was by invitation and initiation, open to men and women, and was strictly hierarchical. Laguerre verified the existence of passports, ritual handshakes and secret passwords, banners, flags, and brilliant red-and-black uniforms, as well as specialized body of spirits, songs, dances, and drumbeats…

“… he described them [the secret societies -Recluse] as the very conscience of the peasantry, a quasi-political arm of the vodoun society charged above all with the protection of the community. Like the secret societies in West Africa, those of Haiti seemed to Laguerre to be the single most important arbiter of culture. Each one was loosely attached to a hounfour whose houngan was a sort of ‘public relations man’ acting as a liaison between the clandestine society and the world at large. In fact, so ubiquitous were the societies that Laguerre described them as nodes in a vast network that, if and when linked together, would represent a powerful underground government capable of competing head-on with the central regime in Port-au-Prince.”
(pgs. 211-212)

 Davis, like Laguerre, insists on an African origin for the Haitian secret societies yet their organizational structure is similar to European secret societies. For instance, many of the Haitian vodoun societies carry out secret tribunals to sit in judgement of members of the community like the German Vehm of Westphalia during the Middle Ages. 

Filmmaker and anthropologist Richard Stanley came to similar conclusions about an Old World origin for the Haitian vodoun societies while filming his excellent documentary White Darkness there. In the special features section he gives an interview that’s arguably even more interesting than the actual movie itself. Here’s a choice statement Stanley makes from a transcript of the interview:

“Most books consider voodoo to be a combination of Roman Catholicism and African mythology. There are elements of voodoo that have nothing to do with either. There is a huge amount of Old World Masonic imagery – for example, pentagrams – which suggests that perhaps three or four hundred years ago slaves were initiated by previous imperialists. That’s something that hasn’t been talked about. I was told about the various handshakes and rituals that I would need to know. Altes Paul (sorcerer) warmed to me after I gave him a third-degree masonic handshake, convinced that I was a fellow mason. Also, possession was a very real physical phenomenon. The Baptists in Haiti also experience something very similar – the talking in tongues, for example.”

 In much of the ‘New World’ colonial regions on the 18th century I’ve been left with impression that the underlining factions behind the wars fought there were often Freemasons and Jesuits. In many cases, such as our very own French-Indian War, its very hard to find evidence of this suspicion. Luckily Haiti seems to be a fine example of this in which the Masonic lodges attempted to throw off the shackles of Catholic-centric France.


Haiti in fact attracted one of the most radical French Masonic lodges of the 18th century, known as the Nine Sisters, who founded a lodge there known as the Circle of Philadelphians. The name derived from the city of Benjamin Franklin, a member of the Nine Sister who was initiated into the Nine Sisters in Paris in 1776 (same year the United States became ‘Independent’. Hmmm…). Historian, Rhodes Scholar, and former head of the Library of Congress James Billington elaborates of the Haitian affair:

“In occult circles of this lush colony it was easy to contend somewhat patronizingly that ‘France needs a revolution. But… it must be enveloped in mystery.’ The Philadelphians became revolutionary leaders in Cap-Francais during the 1789-91 before the blacks rose up in July 1791, and other white colonists turned against them. They later reminisced that ‘We took the intoxicating cup of novelty without realizing that it contained poison that would tear up our own intestines.'”
(Fire in the Minds of Men, pg. 109)


So it would seem the Masonic revolt preceded the slave uprising, which was likely nurtured at every step of the way by the Circle of Philadelphians. This leaves us with another interesting synch between the Breas and the Kennedy assassination. Some have interrupted Kennedy’s death as infighting amongst the Cryptocracy, specifically between the Masonic and Jesuit factions, much as the Haitian revolution may be viewed.
So, what ultimately are we to make of this bloody business? I do not believe that Michael Breas killing his mother was intentional. With the vast legacy of secret societies in Haitian culture, it’s possible Michael Breas may have been initiated into some form of advanced programming either by the Masons or a Haitian society. The programming in turn seemingly backfired and lead to one of those shocking acts of violence that still conveniently spurs the public toward giving the authorities more police state powers.

Manchurian Canidate

 If  Breas was being programmed a good indication will be whether or not he even remembers attacking his mother. Typically assassins working through an alter will have no memory of the actual killings that they commit. Inevitably the media spectacle is already gearing up.


This story just gets weirder and weirder. From the Examiner:

“According to sources close to Ugly Betty actor Michael Brea, the 31-year-old accused of hacking his mother to death with a sword-like knife Tuesday, Nov. 23, was stressed about money and was speaking in tongues the night he was arrested for the crime…

“Other sources, including Clare’s daughter and Brea’s aunt, said Michael had been acting slightly unusual before the gruesome slaying of his mother.

“Gina Dumond, sister of the victim, thinks Michael suffered a breakdown, which could have explained the severe headache he spoke of Monday, Nov. 22. Dumond said Brea went to bed Monday evening without dinner, hours before his alleged rampage.

“Dumond also said Brea had been attending meetings held by a group he said was associated with area Freemasonry. However, it was later learned Michael had no assocation with Freemasons in Brooklyn.”

“Freemason officials said Wednesday that many clandestine groups claiming to be part of an official Freemason lodge exist, however, are not officially recognized.”

Sudden, bizarre behavioral changes, speaking in tongues, not involved with the Freemasons, but some kind of similar organization…Something most certainly isn’t on the up and up here.

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Well, would you look at that?!


This post is in no way, shape, or form PROMOTING or CONDONING the use of illegal drugs for any reason!!! This is for research and entertainment purposes only!!!


 I came across this post today on (yes, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to get me through the work day ;) ) and thought it was interesting enough to share with you all. It’s interesting all of the governmental facts that are related to all of these drugs. If you didn’t wonder if the government was behind all of the mass drug sales in the past, maybe this will peak your interest.

LSD: Cures Addiction, Treats Depression and Stops Cluster Headaches

Many people know in the fifties and sixties, the government experimented with LSD to test its properties as an agent of war, but few people know that the psychiatric community also took interest. Studies in the fifties showed that using LSD to treat alcoholism resulted in a 50% success rate -shocking compared to the 10% success rate from Alcoholics Anonymous. Scientists in Baltimore have recently taken up this research again to see how effective the drug is in treating alcohol, sedative, opium and heroin addiction.
In the Spring Grove State Hospital in Maryland, researchers provided terminal cancer patients with LSD to see if it could help reduce their anxieties about death. One third of the patients said they felt dramatically less tense, less depressed, less afraid of death and in less pain. Another third reported these conditions reduced moderately and the last group said their condition did not improve at all, but also did not worsen.
LSD was also used for psychotherapy during the sixties. A study of doctors in the UK who treated their patients with the drug showed the majority of them believed the substance was effective and safe in treating patients.
The drug has also proven to be an effective pain reliever for chronic pain. Even at rates below psychedelic dosages, LSD was found to be at least as effective as opiates and much longer lasting.
More recently, Harvard Medical School interviewed cluster headache patients who used LSD to treat their condition and seven out of eight said it relieved the headaches and helped put them in remission. Furthering this research, a study at McLean Hospital found that 53 cluster headache sufferers who took either LSD or magic mushrooms reported beneficial effects and that the quantity of the drug can be far below the psychedelic dosage in order to be effective. (Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Photo)

Psychedelic Mushrooms: Treat Cluster Headaches and OCD

The psyclobin found in magic mushrooms has many similar effects as LSD, particularly when it comes to the treatment of cluster headaches. Just like acid, an amount too small to provide psychedelic effects can still relieve the pain and reduce the frequency of the headaches.
The drug is also promising in treating OCD. A University of Arizona study showed that those with the condition went through temporary remission and in one patient, the remission lasted for a full six months. While the researchers admit the study is not proof that the drug can serve as a treatment, they say it is promising enough to warrant further study. (Link 1 | Link 2 | Photo)

Ecstasy: Reduces Anxiety, Eases Parkinson’s Symptoms and Treats PTSD

The MDMA chemical compound that makes ecstasy so blissful to partygoers may also be useful in treating anxiety disorders. While formal studies have not yet been conducted, psychologists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology argue that when combined with immersion therapy, the drug’s ability to release oxytoxin levels could make MDMA an ideal drug to use with a complete treatment program. They sum up their theory by saying, “MDMA has a combination of pharmacological effects that, in a therapeutic setting, could provide a balance of activating emotions while feeling safe and in control.”
The drug may also be able to treat Parkinson’s disease through the release of serotonin levels. While researchers still do not understand how the treatment works, it has proven effective in studies using mice and one Parkinson’s sufferer, ex-stuntman Tim Lawrence, who has shown notable improvement in his condition. He is able to go from barely being able to move to being able to perform somersaults and cartwheels shortly after taking one dose of the drug.
Victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are also showing a positive response to treatments involving ecstasy. Psychologists who performed a study using therapy and MDMA found the drug gave them a window of time where the patient experienced fewer fear responses and could adequately handle the therapy that is critical to work through their condition. (Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 | Photo)

Cocaine And The Coca Plant: A Topical Anesthetic, Laxitive, and Motion Sickness Medicine

Long before rock stars started doing lines off of super model’s breasts, cocaine was once widely hailed as a wonder drug that could be used to cure everything from headaches to alcoholism to hay fevers. While modern medicine has discovered much safer treatments for most of these conditions, the drug is still occasionally used as a topical anesthetic for eye, nose and throat surgeries. It has recently also been used as a topical treatment applied to upper palate of those who suffer from severe cluster headaches.
Although scientists have largely accepted that the use of cocaine in the medical field is outweighed by the risks, the same is not true of the coca plant, where cocaine is derived from. Unlike cocaine, the plant contains multiple alkaloids (cocaine is made of only one) and is prone to less abuse because it must be consumed orally.
Research on the medical uses of coca leaves has been rather limited, but Andean cultures have used the leaves for medicinal purposes for centuries. One American physician, Andrew Wiel, believes these cultures may be on to something and suggests that coca leaves may be able to treat motion sickness, laryngitis, constipation and obesity. (Link 1 | Link 2 | Photo)

// //

Heroin: One Of The World’s Greatest Pain Relievers

Like cocaine, heroin’s effects were once touted to be a miracle cure-all. Although the drug’s dangers are well-known, particularly its tendency for abuse, the drug is still one of the most effective and safest treatments for extreme chronic pain, like the suffering experienced by cancer patients. Medical literature has shown that it is much safer than other drugs given in its place, including the synthetic opiate oxycodone. Unfortunately, the federal government’s complete ban on the drug prevents hospitals and other medical facilities from using the substance, even when it seems to be the only effective and safe pain management option. (Link | Photo)

Ketamine: The Magic Treatment For Depression

This animal tranquilizer, commonly referred to by the street name “special K,” has proven to be quite adept at treating clinical depression, even in persons who have not responded to other treatments. A Study by the Connecticut Mental Health Center found that 70% of their test group, none of whom had any luck with traditional depression treatments, responded positively to Ketamine treatment. Even more interesting was the fact that the drug was able to repair neuron connections in the brain that had previously been damaged by chronic stress. Ronald Duman, the senior author of the study, noted Ketamine “is like a magic drug — one dose can work rapidly and last for seven to 10 days.” (Link 1 | Link 2 | Photo)

Amphetamines: Treat Narcolepsy, ADHD and Aid In Stroke Recovery

Amphetamines are currently used by the medical community to treat a handful of conditions, including narcolepsy and ADHD. The State University of New York reports that in some cases, they have also proven to be effective in treating depression and obesity.
One of the most surprising uses for amphetamines is the use of the drug to help stroke victims experience an expedited recovery. A study by the Karolinska Institute of Sweden has shown that the treatment may be very helpful for those who have been debilitated by a recent stroke. 

Can’t argue with facts, but, hey, THAT’S JUST MY OPINION.


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